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Natha Pasha Photography
Freelance Photographer 

Atlanta, Ga

Get Portraits that Connect with Your Lifestyle.

Natha Pasha Photography is a

female photographer based out of Atlanta, GA. Her first name is Natha, but you can just call her Pasha. Pasha is an artist and freelance photographer that offers clean, high-resolution photographs for everyday people, families, brands, influencers, and entrepreneurs.


Photography services includes lifestyle, branding, product, portrait, studio, headshots, birthday, and food photography. Natha Pasha Photography provides creative direction and guidance to help achieve the goals of every client.


The Experience

Pasha has a great eye for detail and composition. She brings her creative vision to each shoot. With any photography package, clients can expect to receive over 30 lightly edited photos from each session, telling a complete story from start to finish. Pasha wants her clients to have an abundance of beautiful photos that they can cherish forever.

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Lifestyle Photography 

 Lifestyle images aim to capture the feeling of candid, beautiful moments and real-life events. Lifestyle photography can be used for a variety of purposes, including marketing and advertising, editorials, family shoots and more.